Security holiday checklist

Security holiday checklist

An empty home is a prime target for criminals. Many unwanted or un-lawful home entries are committed when the owners or inhabitants are away.

Crime in Australia is on the increase and will only continue to do so. Homes are a great target for criminals as they contain many and varied items that can be readily sold on the black market. Keeping your home protected, in the form of deterrents such as house sitters and preventative measure like security doors while you are away, are of utmost importance. A look at some of the ways…

Security systems. Will act as a form of deterrent and will raise the alarm if they work as intended. The extent of your system is up to you. Monitoring by private companies and electronic links to those companies are probably the best. The more expensive the system, the better it will perform. The more that your home is monitored including physical checks will lower the chance that it is attacked. Surveillance and deterrent.

Cameras. Cameras can be a part of your security system, or they could also be hidden. With modern technology you can keep an eye on your property when you are not their. Hidden cameras can be a great way to watch the watcher. Installing these items without the knowledge even of your security company can be of great use. Make sure that you have a reliable power source and internet connection so that you can stay in touch no matter where you are in the world. Surveillance and deterrent.

Lighting and more. Keeping your home well lit and easily visible from a distance, with lights and the layout of your garden can be a big deterrent. Remember burglars will go for another target if yours is harder. Deterrent

Doors/windows. Are often some of the easiest entry points to a house. Modern day security screens are readily available that look good and protect your home. Often the best form of defence is by making it impossible for entry. The stronger that your doors, windows and other possible entry points are armed, the less chance that someone will have of entering. A 5 star option. Preventative.

Animals. Can be a huge deterrent against burglary of your home. Either for physical defence by attacking unwanted entrants of for just raising the alarm. A noisy dog can be a great signal. If you have a pet, or guard-dog you will have to make provisions while you are away – this could be an issue with strangers. Remember many crimes are committed by those who know the victim. Deterrent.

Neighbours. Getting to know your neighbours and being a part of a neighbourhood watch program means that you will be getting the same amount of protection and warning from others – presumably. Signage will help with this. Deterrent.

Home sitters. Can be a great way to keep your home occupied while you are away. Make sure that you have a legal agreement and you are insured with a home-sitter and make sure that you get one from a professional source. Always remember – who is watching the watcher?

Utilities and maintenance. Cutting supply to your home just makes good sense while you are away. You may wish to keep a certain amount of power operating in your home and use devices to turn on and off lights and other devices to give the impression that you are home. Some form of garden maintenance might be required.

Insurance. Is your last line of defence. In the event that you have been burgled, you can replace items. The better your house is protected the less you will have to pay.

As with any system you will have several layers of defence. Again, it is important to remember that we need to watch the watcher. Preventing entry in the first place is the best defence, all other methods are purely deterrent, however, the more obstacles that you place, the more chance that criminals will move on to another option.

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